--- Blackjack Mx ---
--- Blackjack Mx ---
Adults, Families, Riders or Spectators welcome!!

Blackjack Mx is open "EVERY"  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Rain or Shine!

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"Blackjack Mx" is owned and operated by Danny Boyd and is managed by Will Pope. Our Head of Security is Stoney Hardee and Matthew Hoare is the Ambassador of Foreign RelationsRT is Blackjack's Bounty Hunter/Fee Collector! Riders please see a Staff Member for your Membership fees and waivers.

About Blackjack Mx

The Kids Motocross Track includes tabletops, multiple rollers, whoops, berms, and switchbacks. This track has a fenced in area with plenty of viewing options to maintain a safe and fun riding environment. Children of all ages are welcome on this track to gain experience on their way to the next level. If you are new to the sport of motocross, feel free to ask any of our local riders or current Blackjack members for assistance; bike set up, rider protection, tips on riding, and anything else you may think of. Many of our members have years of experience and are eager to help anyone who is interested in our sport. Most of our members have children of their own that enjoy riding countless hours at Blackjack Mx. 

On the Full Size Motocross Track there are two 100 ft Doubles that can be rolled or jumped, camel back jump, switch backs, doubles, table tops, bowl turns, whoops, and nice ruts. Both tracks are side by side for easy viewing. You can practice your starts in our start section next to the kids track. 

The Full Size Motocross Track is designed to accommodate riders of all skill levels, whether you are an A rider or a D rider this track has a little bit of everything. The track has a nice family atmosphere and plenty of parking. Blackjack Mx has a mix of mulch and sand, which makes for a nice loam. Although races are not held here, this track offers a great place to ride and practice. 
Fun for the whole family!! 

You can also find us at 
To:4048 Hudson's/Crossroads Road
Greenville, NC 27838
Number and Street:
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Blackjack Mx is open "EVERY" Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Rain or Shine!
Blackjack Mx is open "EVERY" Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Rain or Shine!
Blackjack Mx is open "EVERY" Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Rain or Shine!
Blackjack Mx is open 
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Rain or Shine!
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